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KOLOR is one of the Hong Kong's top leading rock n' roll band with its members Sammy (So Ho Choi) as the lead vocalist, Robin (Lo Ngo Ban) as the guitarist, Tse Yat Sing as the bass guitarist and Michael (Chu Wai Chor) as the drummer. The band was first called "COLOR" when they first started in July 2007, and by the end of the same year, they won Commercial Radio 903 Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation as the New Top Band in the Bronze Category. In 2009, KOLOR released its second album entitled "SURREALISM" which included the widely broadcasted composed work "Wei Cheng" (Walled City), "Ai Mo Neng Zhu" (Love Assistance) along with other great hits. The music style and mature nature of the songs has created opportunities for the band to perform big screens and various stages. With years of hard efforts and accumulated performance experiences, it was time for KOLOR to release its third album release "INDEPENDENCE" followed by a live concert "INDEPENDENCE LIVE" which gained favorable responses. At first "Xun Yin Guo" (In search of Effect ) and "Ban Shou Ge" (Half a Song) received satisfactory airplays in the local radio stations. The third plug song "Dui Cuo" (Wrong), with the special performance of Candy Lo in this duet, has acclaimed favorable responses. At the end of the year of 2010, KOLOR held its "SIMPLE LIFE" concert in Taiwan, performed with Hip Hop Group, 24 Herbs, at Star Hall in the Kowloon International Trade & Exhibition Centre and released its fourth album entitled "AS SIMPLE AS". In March 2011, KOLOR's new song "Yu Gong" (Stupid Man) ranked No 1 in RTHK's Chinese Pop Song Chart. Followed soon, the foreign song "Fei Cheng Shi Yan" (Philadelphia Experiences) was granted to TVB's family variety show entitled "Gung Fu Xin Xing" (Kung Fu New Star) as the theme song where KOLOR was chosen to perform the adapted (Cantonese) version for this particular television show. KOLOR also performed a program with RTHK where they would perform the correct way to pronounce the lyrical words to foreign adapted work in each series. In 2012, KOLOR held another full house concert "Law of 14" at the Kowloon International Trade & Exhibition Centre. At the same year, KOLOR performed 4 shows with Parsons Wind Orchestra which received wide and favorable feedbacks. In July 2013, KOLOR performed another concert with Parsons Wind Orchestra at Shatin Town Hall with pack-filled audiences and on February 13, 2015, KOLOR held another successful concert entitled "KOLOR Kollective Memories".

KOLOR是香港一支流行搖滾樂隊,由主音SAMMY(蘇浩才)、吉它手ROBIN(羅灝斌)、低音結他手SING(謝日昇)及鼓手MICHAEL(朱偉初)組成,2014年簽約於神馬音樂。KOLOR 2007年7月首度推出同名專輯《Color》。更於同年年尾奪得叱咤樂壇流行榜頒獎典禮生力軍組合銅獎。 2009年,KOLOR第二張大碟【SURREALISM】面世,收錄熱播作品《圍城》、《愛莫能助》等歌曲,風格亦漸趨成熟,同時獲得更多大型演出的機會。經過多年的努力及累積連串演出經驗後,現為自主製作音樂的KOLOR發表第三張大碟《INDEPENDENCE》及首個音樂會《INDEPENDENCE LIVE》,引起非常正面的迴響。當中《尋因果》及《半首歌》於電台上播放率甚佳,第三主打《對錯》更邀請歌手盧巧音合作,得到一致好評。 2010年12月,KOLOR登陸台灣SIMPLE LIFE音樂會表演,及與HIP HOP組合24 HERBS合作於國際展貿中心STAR HALL舉辦《24K音樂會》,並推出第四張專輯《AS SIMPLE AS》。 2011年3月,KOLOR憑《愚公》獲得香港電台中文歌曲龍虎榜冠軍,並計劃於夏天再度舉辦大型音樂會。同年KOLOR憑《費城實驗》歷史性首次獲得無線電視勁歌金榜冠軍歌;及後《費城實驗》更獲無線電視改編為該台綜藝節目《功夫新星》主題曲,KOLOR並獲邀主唱該改編後的主題曲。 KOLOR 亦為香港電台電視節目【正斗中文】翻唱每集粵語歌詞賞析 (MV) 歌曲。2012在九展舉行 Law of 14 演唱會全場爆滿,同年尾首次與柏斯管樂團舉行第四次演唱會獲得外界熱烈好評。2013年七月在沙田大會堂再次與柏斯管樂團合作舉行演唱會,全場爆滿。


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